So what do you need to be doing?

If you haven’t already, we have some assignments for you to fulfill.

• If your newspaper has NOT completed the 2018 Rate and Data Form, you have until November 15 to submit the form. It’s available at So why do we harass you into filling it out? We want current information about each and every Kentucky newspaper — full members, Associate Member Newspapers and Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association members — when we go to press with the 2018 KPA Directory. Without this updated information, we could have your publication day(s) incorrect, or maybe a publisher or editor or ad manager who hasn’t been with the newspaper for a year, or an old address and most certainly wrong circulation figures. So take five minutes, access the form at and then submit it to us.


• You can’t be the first to reserve a room at the Lexington Hilton for the 2018 KPA Winter Convention — some have heeded the word and gotten it done — but you certainly don’t have to be the last. Go ahead and make your room reservation for the convention, online directly with the Hilton. You can do that at Reserve your room at the Lexington Hilton and then get ready for the January 25-27, 2018, convention. KPA functions will be on January 25-26, with the Kentucky News Photographers Association sessions on January 26-27. There are some that have already completed the reservation process so don’t be a KPA (Kentucky Procrastinators Association, that is) charter member. Go ahead and take advantage of the $109 room rate.


• Help us promote the Pulse of America research project. We need at least 300 completed surveys, all done online, and you hold the key to notifying your readers, in print or online.

All we ask you to do is regularly promote the survey in your paper and on your Website.  Here is a link to some ads:×4.pdf×4.pdf×5.pdf×5.pdf

There are additional ads available, including some for your website, here.

To learn more about the Pulse of America shopping habits survey, being conducted in numerous states, click here.


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