So your news organization has real, paying digital subscribers. Now how do you keep them?

By Shan Wang, Nieman Lab

Raking in first-time subscribers is one thing. Getting these paying news readers to stay paying is another.

A new WAN-IFRA report walks through several case studies of news organizations (note: mostly European), that have found some success retaining their paying subscribers, through an elusive combination of consistently offering readers the news experience they want, and tracking relevant metrics to address problem points that might lead them to unsubscribe.

Easier said than done; we hear you. The news organizations represented in the report range from national to local-level outlets, and their paywall and audience growth strategies run the gamut. Many of them have the backing of a significant editorial, tech, analytics, and sales teams. Still, here are several ideas to steal: “What does a subscription to X really do for me?” [Full story]

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