Speed test on uploads, downloads

Have you done a speed test recently on your Internet provider to see how the upload and download speed are holding up?

This is the result from a Thursday afternoon speed test with Frankfort Plant Board as the provider.

Been a few months since I mentioned this so thought I’d remind you. I did two Wednesday morning and got similar results.

Within a couple of minutes, https://www.speedtest.net/ showed 96.8 mbps and 108.2 mbps on downloads. Uploads were holding pretty steady at 9.6 to 9.8 mbps.

Did it again Thursday afternoon as I was writing some items for On Second Thought and you can see the result from that speed test in the display.

We use the Frankfort Plant Board for Internet access at the office and are paying for 100 mbps (on downloads) so we’re getting what we pay for.

Check yours — go to https://www.speedtest.net/ — and see what your speeds are. Then check what download speed you’re paying for. If what you’re getting is not up to what you’re paying for, talk with your provider about why they aren’t servicing you at the price you’re paying.

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