State At-Large directors set for 2019

Each incoming President of the Kentucky Press Association has a responsibility under the Bylaws to name up to four members at State At-Large members of the KPA Board of Directors for his/her term as President.

Jay Nolan, 2019 KPA President

2019 President Jay Nolan completed his assignment quickly and named the following to serve as State At-Large for 2019.

• Jane Ashley Pace, Oldham Era/Henry County Local

• Carrie Dillard, Paducah Sun

• Josh Givens, Central City Leader News

• Ted Cox, Garrard Central Record, Lancaster

Pace, Dillard and Givens will be serving their second year as a State At-Large member. According to the KPA Bylaws, an individual may serve up to three consecutive years as a State At-Large Board member.

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