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Over the last several months, I’ve used articles by John Schaaf, executive director of the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission, to draw your attention to all the news about lobbying the Kentucky General Assembly.

John, who got his start as a newspaper reporter, has graciously shared his monthly newsletter with me and at times I’ve mentioned that newspapers should ask the KLEC to add a newspaper editor or reporter to the recipient list.

John would love to share his Ethics News with you and give you the same kind of information about spending and registered lobbyists/companies and some ‘cute’ (i.e., unfortunate) stories from legislatures all across the country.

Now here’s another opportunity to educate yourself on reporting about lobbying and lobbyists. This one is out of Washington but some of the lessons to be learned can be applied to the state legislature as well. It’s a bi-weekly newsletter so if you want to get on the email list for it, have at it.

To access the site, click on the U.S. Capitol building below or the headline, ‘Reporting on Lobbying:’

Reporting on lobbying: An introduction, tips and examples

Our new explainer “Reporting on lobbying” is more than a tip sheet. In it, we describe how the influence industry works and highlight resources for reporters digging into this sometimes murky world. We also pinpoint examples, showing you how to track the lobbyists pushing Amazon’s drone program and unearth the new EPA administrator’s oil industry ties.

Lobbying cuts across beats. We hope you find this helpful no matter what story you’re working on.

Happy reporting,

The Journalist’s Resource team

And go ahead and contact John Schaaf at KLEC and get him to include you on his monthly Ethics News —

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