Statewide Classifieds do work; just ask us

We hear it a lot. “Well, I can’t sell a Statewide Classified because I don’t have any clients who would want that.”


Think again.

KPS decided to sell one of its two vehicles, a 2017 RAV 4. Oh we could have put a For Sale sign on it, parked it in front of the office or driven it around town for people to take note. But we didn’t. We ran a Statewide Classified. In three work days (Friday, Monday and Tuesday), we got seven calls and sold the RAV 4. Easy enough.

Then it hit us. Every newspaper in this state, in the Statewide Classified program or not, has people coming in to sell vehicles. We thought cars might not be the ideal product to advertise in Statewide Classifieds, that it would have to be more like a travel trailer or horse van or something like that. But now here’s proof that just a car advertised in Statewide Classifieds can get results.

So don’t give us that, “I don’t have any clients who would be interested in a Statewide Classified,” until you’ve tried it. Have the ad staff tell them about the statewide program, and how easy it is to place an ad across the state. And if you end up with a 25-word ad, at $250, you get to keep $125 with the rest coming to KPS.

You sell the ad, you collect the money, send the ad to Susy Parry at KPS ( and half of the money and we’ll take care of the rest.

We can’t make it any simpler than that.

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