Statewide Classifieds: Easy cash to help the bottom line

Looking for a way to add income to the bottom line with little effort? KPA has a program just for that.

Since the mid-1980s, we’ve operated the Statewide Classified Network. Just because someone comes to your office to place a classified doesn’t mean people on the other end of the state wouldn’t be interested in buying that product or in that farm sale/auction or motor home or a service. There are any number of newspaper classified page readers who just might be looking for that particular item or service.

By participating in the Statewide Classified Network, you can encourage your classified advertiser to run the ad in up to 86 newspapers across the state. All for one, low price! $250 for a 25-word ad; $7 for each word over 25.

And with that, you keep half of the income then send the ad to KPA with the balance of the total cost. The statewide is then placed in all of the other participating newspapers, one time, the following week. How easy is that?

And think about the income. If your staff sold one ad per week at $250 each, you’d end up with $6,500 in new income because you keep $125 of the cost. $125 x 52 = $6,500.

Plus by being a participating Statewide Classified Newspaper, you’re newspaper is eligible for a summer intern courtesy of the Kentucky Journalism Foundation. It’s a paid intern, worth $3,000 for the student but the foundation sends your newspaper the full amount to pay that intern for up to 10 weeks working for you.

Not convinced this is a program you should be participating in?

Then please read this column from Ken Blum (‘Black Ink’) that was published recently in Publisher’s Auxiliary.


His graphic shows the Hoosier State Press Association but if you will contact Susy Parry at KPA — or 800-264-5721 — she can give you information about how the program works, what’s required on your end, and a list of all of the participating newspapers for Kentucky’s program.

Oh, and since I mentioned the Hoosiers, Susy can place that one classified ad for you in any number of states because most all press associations have Statewide Classifieds. She can give you a quote on each state when your classified customer wants it to appear in Florida or New York or the Carolinas or California. Or any other state for that matter.

Check in with her now and see how easy extra income will come your way!

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