Still shopping? Taking a trip? Need a new car? Remember the KPA Member Service TicketsatWork

We promote it in late Spring and during the summer with ideas like rental cars, discounted flights and discount tickets to amusement parks such as Kings Island.

But what we haven’t promoted recently is an extension of the member service that operates throughout the year.

Maybe it’s a ski trip you want to take. Or you’re thinking about buying a new car and looking for a discount. Gift cards are always a good idea as well as concert tickets or Broadway shows. And there’s up to 70 percent off on (click link to reveal) Exclusive online offers on apparel, automotive, electronics, flowers, food, gifts and more.

Imagine getting 4 $25 restaurant gift cards for just $16. Yep, a savings for $84 on selected gift cards.

Maybe you want a Sam’s Club annual membership. There’s a deal for that.

See everything your KPA Member Service with brings to you.

To set up your account, go to, and click on become a member. Where it asks for the “Company Code,” enter KIKYPRESS. Then check through all the benefits and discounts your KPA membership gives you.

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