Sunshine Week 2017 – March 12-18

Mark March 12 – 18 on your calendar and help promote Sunshine Week 2017.

There is a wealth of information from the Reporters’ Committee website available at and I encourage you to go there and look around. Editorials, cartoons, logos and other materials are ready for your use. Help promote this special celebration because it’s yours and your readers’ “Right to Know.”

In Kentucky, Rep . Jill York has a proclamation that she will have introduced in the House of Representatives or better yet, give to Gov. Matt Bevin to proclaim March 12-18 as “Sunshine Week in Kentucky.” If she goes the route of introducing it as a proclamation/resolution in House, we will be contacting Senators to do the same in that chamber.

And we will get you information once we know which route Representative York decides to take.

For now, go to the website — — and think about things you can do locally and through your pages to promote Government in the Sunshine!


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