Sunshine Week just 9 days away; have you made plans to promote Open Government?

Celebrate freedom of information

Sunshine Week 2018 is coming up and journalists around the nation will participate the week of March 11 through March 17. An annual event, Sunshine Week calls on journalists to shed light on issues of open government and have conversations with their readers about the importance of open and transparent government, whether that government body is a municipality or a large federal agency.

Sunshine Week lasts seven days, but it’s up to all of us to keep the sun shining on government all year. Share your great FOIA stories, new laws and other efforts on behalf of open government.

The Sunshine Week toolkit is a free resource available to any participant including, but not limited to, professional and student journalists working in any medium; bloggers; civic and non-profit organizations; schools; and government officials (for activities related to open government only, please do not use them for inferred political endorsements). You can access the toolkit here.


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