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High school journalism teachers and students across the state have started a new school year.  Over the past two decades, many Kentucky newspapers have supported high school journalism by sponsoring their local school(s) in the Kentucky High School Journalism Association. Most years, nearly 75 percent of our member schools has been sponsored in KHSJA by their local paper(s). You’re receiving this email because you again have the opportunity to show your newspaper’s support for your community and high school journalism by sponsoring your school(s). Just $50 per school is all it takes to sponsor print, broadcast and online journalism for your local students to ensure their best year possible.

While not every student on their high school newspaper or yearbook staff will pursue journalism as a career, even those who don’t will benefit greatly from their journalism involvement in school and the ways in which it strengthens their writing skills. Research shows that benefit will carry over to every aspect of their later lives. And your newspaper can be a part of that.

For more than two decades, KHSJA has been administered by the Kentucky Press Association in Frankfort as an advocate for high school journalism in our state. But this year will be one of transition as KPA turns over administration of KHSJA to the Journalism Department at Campellsville University. Longtime CU journalism professor Stan McKinney, an award-winning teacher and journalist, is the new executive director of KHSJA. 

For 21 years, KHSJA has sponsored its annual contest, as well as provided journalism training at our annual conventions and workshops for students and teachers alike. We’ve seen a number of high school journalism students compete in the KHSJA contest, then become involved in college journalism as they moved on to the next step in their education and then enter journalism as professionals, Any number of those students and their teachers have thanked KHSJA for its efforts, guidance and encouragement. Students and teachers alike will receive the same efforts, guidance and encouragement from Campbellsville University as it takes over KHSJA.

Since this is a year of transition from KPA to CU, the accounting department at Kentucky Press Association will handle KHSJA sponsorship fees for this school year. Those funds will be forwarded to CU after the October 31, 2018, deadline for sponsoring schools.

A KHSJA sponsorship is just $50 per school per school year. This covers all facets of print, online and broadcast journalism at your local school(s). You will find the sponsorship application on the KHSJA website at

Applications and sponsorship fees should be mailed to KHSJA, c/o Kentucky Press Association, 101 Consumer Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601 or faxed to KPA at 502-226-3867. 

As in the past, KHSJA sponsorship fees can be billed or charged on a credit card (a 2.5 percent convenience fee will be added). 

Here’s your chance to support education in your community. 


Stan McKinney, Administrator, Kentucky High School Journalism Association

C/O Journalism Department, Campbellsville University, Campbellsville, KY


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