Switching over: KPA about to launch VOIP

800 number no longer operable come Tuesday afternoon

We’re about to launch our new telephone system at KPA and you’re probably tired of hearing about it. But to think we’re going to save something like $400 per month over traditional landline service has us looking forward to it. We’ll be pulling the switch to Voice Over Internet Protocol about 4 p.m. on February 26.

But that also marks the end to the 800 number we’ve had in service since the mid-1990s. It became apparent that fewer and fewer newspapers and clients are using that number, witnessed by a decrease in the number of calls each month. And align that with the increase in cell phones and I think you’ll find more were calling us from either their own VOIP systems or from their cell phones.

The main number to KPA remains the same — 502-223-8821 — and you can reach any staff member by calling that number. But with the VOIP, each staff member will have his/her own telephone number as well. So if you know who you need to speak with at KPA, call the main number and ask for that staff member or use this to call the employee direct:


Bonnie Howard – (502) 223-8180

Corey Wall – (502) 780-6428

David T. – (502) 875-3185

Holly Willard – (502) 780-6426

Rachel McCarty – (502) 780-6425

Sue Cammack – (502) 780-6427

Teresa Revlett – (502) 227-7992

Main KPA Number – (502) 223-8821

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