Teacher conference session specifically shows how to use the local newspaper and Woody and Chloe series in the classroom

Author Leigh Anne Florence with Woody, co-star with sister Chloe of the KPA Fall Chapter Series.



This from Leigh Anne Florence, author of the popular Woody and Chloe series published each fall in KPA newspapers across the state.

“Ron, Chloe, Woody and I had the great privilege of being the keynote speaker at the Pennyrile Reading Conference last night in Madisonville. They are an area chapter of the Kentucky Reading Association. There were about 75 people in attendance – from Murray State University Senior Education Majors getting ready to student teach to teachers who had been teaching over 40 years.

“We didn’t know it until we saw the conference brochure but they actually had a session called “Using Woody and Chloe Stories to Encourage the Reluctant Reader.” The session talked about how to effectively use the newspaper series in the classroom. The lady who presented it was the school librarian at Hanson Elementary (Hopkins County). She brought me scrapbooks to sign. Her students cut the stories out but she also put together several copies she keeps in her library. It’s always so humbling to see these things. Wanted to pass it on!”

The promotional materials for the session read:

Come join us to learn about ways to use the local newspaper

and the Woody and Chloe stories in your classroom to

engage your reluctant readers!

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