‘The Bridge’ misses its 20th anniversary but looking forward to the new school year and year 21!

From Stuart Simpson, Advisor, The Bridge

COVID-19 caused Somerset Community College to move to distance learning and put an end to plans for the student newspaper’s 20-year celebration.

With no one at the college to read The Bridge, the student staff shifted to produce an e-Edition. PDF (attached) has articles on the current state-of-the-college and student reaction to the virus and the new learning environment. There’s a short column on page 10 about the lack of a 20-year celebration. The e-Edition is available on SCC’s website and was sent via e-mail to all students.

Our hope is to begin the 21st year of publication with a trip to J Frank Publishing in London and a return to a paper product.

Here’s a Special E-Edition of The Bridge —  Bridge e-Edition-April 2020

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