The changes continue

Publication days and even the future of some newspapers has changed recently.

The Richmond Register is now publishing Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, a change that took effect two weeks ago and will be made permanent, according to publisher Gary Tyler. Richmond had been a five-day daily, publishing Tuesday through Saturday.

In the Northeastern part of the state, Community Newspapers Holding, Inc. has stopped publication of four of its weeklies. Wednesday was the last publication day for the Morehead News, Grayson Journal-Enquirer and Olive Hill Times. Thursday was the final day for the Greenup County Times-News.

That news leave Rowan, Greenup and Carter counties without an “official” newspaper for public notices. However, part of the State Public Notice law addresses that:

Here is the language in KRS 424.120 concerning this exact situation:

“(b) If, in any county there is no newspaper meeting the requirements of this section for publishing advertisements for that county, any advertisements required to be published for the county or for any publication area within the county shall be published in a newspaper of the largest bona fide circulation in that county published in and qualified to publish advertisements for an adjoining county in Kentucky. This subsection is intended to supersede any statute that provides or contemplates that newspaper publication may be dispensed with if there is no newspaper printed or published or of general circulation in the particular publication area.”

The operative word is “adjoining” and Boyd County borders both Greenup and Carter counties and now the determination will be on if it has the largest paid circulation in those two counties of any other adjacent county newspaper.

As for Morehead and Rowan County, it’s adjacent/adjoining counties are Lewis, Fleming, Bath, Menifee, Morgan, Elliott and Carter, but Carter is out of consideration because its two newspapers are now closed.

Since the first of April, there have been numerous changes in the newspaper industry in Kentucky, some may only temporary, some may become permanent:

• the Monroe County Citizen ceased publication

• the Bowling Green Daily News announced it is no longer printing a Saturday edition. That mirrors a change in the Lexington Herald-Leader that took effect back on January 11.

• the Georgetown News-Graphic announced its stopping its Tuesday issue but will still publish on Thursday and Saturday.

• sister publications to the News-Graphic, through Lancaster Newspapers, also announced changes recently. The Paintsville Herald will come out only once a week, on Wednesdays, instead of twice each week. The Floyd County Chronicle and Times will do likewise, publishing only on Wednesdays. The Appalachian News Express in Pikeville will publish on Tuesdays and Fridays. It had been publishing Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

Frankfort State Journal publisher Steve Stewart announced changes for some Boone Newspapers in the state, including three dailies. The State Journal, Danville Advocate Messenger and Winchester Sun are all moving from daily to twice weekly, publishing on Tuesday and Friday. And he announced that the Harlan Enterprise, a four-day daily until two years ago, is now a once a week publication.

• in Eastern Kentucky, the London Sentinel Echo and the Corbin Times Tribune announced eliminating one publication day, effective immediately. And both moves are permanent.

The Sentinel-Echo is now published two days a week — Wednesday and Friday — deleting its Monday edition.

• the Maysville Ledger Independent is making temporary changes in its schedule, printing only two days per week. It’s three other normal print days will be online only.

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