The Lake News finally gets its new website

Loyd Ford has been hoping for a new website for quite a while. Sometimes for a family owned weekly newspaper, like Loyd’s The Lake News in Calvert City, things take a little time. But the 2016 KPA President was willing to wait as long as the end result was something he could be really proud of.

Just a few weeks ago, Loyd got his wish with the launch of the new website.

Loyd Ford, publisher, The Lake News, Calvert City

Writes Loyd, “…our website is a product of a long battle to get something up that would be competitive and would also be something we would be proud of. We are proud of it. The battle to get it informational, competitive and profitable is still unfolding. It is an all-consuming task to keep it updated. But I am determined to make it work for us and paved the way for whatever comes in the future.”

I don’t know that the new, but now almost two years old On Second Thought website had anything to do with it but Loyd decided to contact and then work with Our Hometown, the company that redesigned On Second Thought.

Obviously, a newspaper website is going to be different from something like this, whatever type of publication you want to call On Second Thought is, so checkout and take a look.

If you’re thinking about a website redesign and maybe having a second or third website, check out the ad at the top right of On Second Thought and contact Our Hometown. Better yet, wait a couple of weeks and visit Our Hometown’s trade show booth at the 2018 KPA Winter Convention. But if you can’t wait, click on the “Learn More” on that ad, see what they have to offer and then give them a call. You can make an appointment to visit with them at the trade show.

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