The new state sales tax might reach further than we were told

Will your dues to be a member of KPA be subject to the new sales tax enacted by the 2018 Kentucky legislature?

How about your convention registration fees? Will the meals be taxable? What else is hidden on all those pages that was worked out behind closed doors?

I doubt anyone thought of membership dues being subject to the state sales tax until the last few days. That’s when some non-profit organizations in Louisville found out their membership dues could in fact be required to six percent more for the sales tax.

The jury is still out on the extent of what the expanded sales tax will cover but early indications are membership dues will be subject to the tax and convention registration fees could be.

Earlier this week, the Kentucky Department of Revenue did a PowerPoint presentation for the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. The PowerPoint below digs deeper in to what will be covered.

And these are begin Sunday, July 1. Fortunately membership dues have been paid for 2018.

Implementing State Tax Changes Presentation


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