The Northerner nudged toward digital-first; Campus Times may consider online but prefers print

From Michele Day, Student Media Adviser, The Northerner, Northern Kentucky University


The pandemic has nudged The Northerner to a more digital-first approach. In the last year, the editors launched a weekly email newsletter with a circulation of more than 9,000.

They’ve gone to monthly print publications with a more magazine approach. These will emphasize enterprise and feature stories. Breaking and daily news coverage will continue on the website, in the newsletter and through social media. This evolution was in the works before the pandemic, but the pandemic provided the final push to make the transition.

Editors are back on campus this semester and enthusiastically reporting on the campus community. We have concerns about advertising revenue, but those existed pre-pandemic, as well. We’re working with a marketing class this semester with hopes of developing new funding options. Overall, the transition has helped train students to be more flexible and creative problem solvers – which ultimately prepares them for the professional world.

From Stan McKinney, Mass Communications, Adviser, The Campus Times, Campbellsville University

The plant where the Campus Times was printed was closed. There is a question now after the sale of Landmark papers as to where I can even get it printed.

I don’t wish to go completely online but that might happen.

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