The Relevance Project: A project formed to help your newspaper in many ways

By Tom Silvestri, Relevance Project Executive Director

(Editor’s Note: The Relevance Project is sponsored by the Newspaper Association Managers whose press associations represent collectively more than 8,500 newspapers in North America.)

The Relevance Project, an initiative of the Newspaper Association Managers, now offers on a growing Revenue Resource section to boost your sales efforts, an insightful blog that highlights trends and smart advice, and a series of promotions to uplift community newspapers. All are regularly updated.
The Revenue Resource includes 15 powerful “Calls To Action” that prove newspaper ads work and a special offer where a newspaper can obtain market data on projected household spending for five ad categories — along with teaser and spec ads. For additional details, read more here.
Note: You can use everything on at no charge, thanks to your association’s support of The Relevance Project.

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