The ‘Rules’ they are a-changin’

For the last 30 years or more, the House of Representatives has had a pretty steadfast rule. Before a committee can take up a piece of legislation, it must be “posted” for three days, meaning the committee chair puts the public on notice that the bill is coming up for consideration. Oh there could be emergency exceptions but typically those were few and far between when three days’ notice wasn’t applied.

It gave all sufficient time to line up testimony, or to contact committee members, or perhaps more importantly, to invite expert testifiers or association members to make plans to get to Frankfort for the committee meeting.

It was kinda like the calm before the storm.

But aha, there are new sheriffs in town so now we’re going to play by their rules. And one of those is a one-day posting notice. That would mean, for instance, that at 4 p.m. today the committee chair could announce that at his 8 a.m. committee meeting tomorrow he’s going to hear testimony on House Bill XXXX. So much for having time to plan testimony or invite potential speakers to come to Frankfort to talk about their support or concern with a particular bill.

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