The Washington Post’s Marty Baron on the importance of investigative journalism

… “I think there’s huge support for [investigative reporting] right now. The people who are subscribing clearly want us to do investigative reporting. They want us to hold powerful individuals and powerful institutions to account, including their government — at the federal level, state level, local level — they want us to do it all. That’s something they are willing to pay for. I think there’s a direct connection between investigative reporting and subscriptions. I think what you’re seeing in a number of news organizations is that they are investing more in investigative reporting because they know readers will support that with subscriptions. We are adding eight people to our investigative team. We are creating a rapid response investigative team to do investigative stories more quickly, using a lot of the digital tools that are available to us now. We hugely value the longer, deeper investigations as well, but we want to supplement that with quicker investigations that can have an impact almost immediately.” [Full story: WWD/Alexandra Steigrad]

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