The ‘What I Did This Summer’ internship articles are completed; now it’s time to think about 2019

Just as soon as one summer gets it and the 10-week internship periods end, it’s time to starting thinking about the next year. So here we are starting to prepare for 2019 already.

The internships are available to KPA member publications that are participating in the Statewide Classified Program. Only those newspapers are eligible to apply for and perhaps receive an intern. The money comes from the Kentucky Journalism Foundation, a 501(c)3 affiliate of the Kentucky Press Association. It’s governed by the KPA Past Presidents who establish the guidelines and also select the Host Newspapers. There is an application process for the eligible newspapers and from those applications — along with a history of when the applying newspapers last received an intern — the Past Presidents will designate the number of internships to be awarded and then select the Host Newspapers.

For several years, the Past Presidents have been awarding 20 to 24 internships each summer, each coming with a $3,000 stipend for the intern. In recent years, however, the number of Host Newspapers and the number of students applying have been decreasing and the Past Presidents have voted to award just 15 internships for 2019 but increasing the stipend to $4,000. Each internship is for a 10-week period.

This was the first state press association internship program established, back in 1993, replacing what was previously a scholarship for college students. But on the suggestion of the late Steve Lowery, the board wanted to give college students a ‘real life experience’ and created the internship program. It was then at the board assigned all the responsibility to the Past Presidents.

In late September, eligible newspapers will be receiving emails that the Host Newspaper application for 2019 has been posted on the KPA website. A deadline of early January, 2019, to apply will be enforced. Newspapers not in the Statewide Classified Program may join the program at any time but must be in it for a year before being eligible to apply. To join the Statewide Classified Program, contact Susy Parry, or by phone at 502-223-8821.

At the same time, we will be posting applications for Student Interns. Any student who is attending a Kentucky college or university, or who graduated from a Kentucky high school, regardless of where they are attending college are eligible. Student applicants must have completed the freshman year of college. They are not restricted to being a journalism or communications major.

In the 25 years KPA/KJF have been offering internships, it has awarded well over $1.1 million to college students for 10 weeks at KPA newspapers and completing the internship program.


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