The world is coming so time to beautify the roadways

You can count on two things the first week of May, every single year. All eyes will be on Churchill Downs as the first Saturday in the month brings the Kentucky Derby.

The other thing is roadways being swarmed by tractors and bush hogs, people walking the length of highways picking up trash. After all, the state wants to put its best foot forward and have all roads heading to Louisville looking nice and spiffy.

And that reminds me to share a state government site where you can search for contracts of any and all kinds.

Swartz Mowing seems to have the market on most of the highway mowing in Central Kentucky so if you want to see what the state’s spending to get the medians all cleaned up and trimmed, go to and search for Swartz Mowing.

Maybe there’s another contract with state government you want to know about. Supposedly everything will be right in front of you with just a few clicks.

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