This year, submit all entries in the contests as a pdf or as a URL


Previous years have been tedious on KPA member newspapers wanting to enter the News or Advertising Contest. Sort through all the issues, pull tearsheets of the pages with quality entries and then weed through them again for the ones that really seem to stand out. Until a few years ago, you had to package those tearsheets and send them to KPA.

Then came technology and a way to enter the contest online. You had to make pdfs of each entry page but it saved you from sending large envelopes and medium size boxes to KPA. Those pdfs were uploaded to the contest website and that was the extent of it.

Now there’s another step in the technology area and it should make entering easier on the part of newspapers and probably a lot easier on the judges having to look at each entry. This year, we’re adding entries by URL. A newspaper can establish the URL and password for judges to use, file its entries on a URL and that’s it. Or if preferred, newspapers can still make pdfs of each entry and submit those.

Here’s the new text from the Instructions Page. That’s the first page you’ll see when you go to

But first, let’s get this taken care of, the most frequently asked question when it comes to registering for the News and Advertising contests. That question is, “What’s the Association Code?” and if you’ll read Step 1 when you open the contests website, you’ll find the answer.

Step 6 — If necessary, provide an explanation of your entry. The explanation/cutline/paywall box is limited to 3,000 characters. It’s a good idea to write your explanation in another program, such as Word, and copy/paste into the explanation box. If a URL is required, fill in the URL box; there is no need to type http://. If you submit by URL, you must submit the entire page. IF your newspaper uses a paywall, you must supply a username/password in this field, that will allow free access to your site. If your site requires paywall information and it is not provided, your entry may be disqualified without refund.


Step 9 — Add your file or files. You can drag and drop files or use the “Add files” button to navigate your files. For Photography categories, each entry must consist of a full-page pdf with photo on the page or a URL with photo in context with the story. If you submit by URL, you must submit the entire page. Also, if your newspaper uses a paywall, you must supply a username/password that will allow free access to your site. Other files and URLs may be acceptable as noted in the special instructions. We allow for up to 5 URLs, if you need additional, you may supply these in a pdf document as clickable hyperlinks. Upload as many files as are necessary to complete your entry but refer to the special instructions for any limitations.



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