Three nominated to serve as Vice President for 2021; ballots will be mailed to each member newspaper

The Kentucky Press Association Board of Directors is nominating three individuals to serve as Vice President of the organization for 2021. Nominees were interviewed recently and as directed by Board policy, the Board voted on nominations to pass on to the full membership. The Board must nominate at least two individuals, but can nominate up to three to pass along to membership for election.

That process will begin in the next few days as the publisher of each voting member newspaper will receive a ballot for electing the Vice President for 2021.

Publishers will be given two weeks to cast their ballot and the one garnering the most votes will be elected to serve. Once in the Vice President’s position, an individual is then on the ladder to presidency. Following the Vice President year, the elected person will be President-Elect in 2022, President in 2023 and Past President in 2024.

The three nominees are:

Dennis Brown, Lewis County Herald

Steve Gaines, Bowling Green Daily News

Glenn Gray, Vice President of Nolan Group Media

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