Three veteran employees purchase newspapers from Kentucky News Group

By Charles Mattox, Kentucky News Group

Melissa and Darvin Mitchell, Braydon Brown, Jeremiah Brown, Meghan Brown and Oaklynn Brown.

Three veteran employees of the Kentucky News Group recently purchased that five-newspaper-media-company along with the Big Sandy News publications.

The three employees have 30 years of combined experience in the newspaper publication business.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to serve our communities and improving the papers to better serve the communities, readers and clients. We appreciate the opportunity and will continue to strive for the betterment of the communities. ” owner Melissa Mitchell said following the purchase from well-known Kentucky businessman, Chris McGehee.

Mitchell has spent the last decade at the helm of the Kentucky News Group’s (KNG) five-newspaper-conglomerate as the Business Manager, Reporter, Columnist and Managing Editor. She has played a major role in expanding the readership and advertising assistance to regional businesses through the groups’ newspapers: The Carlisle Mercury; The Flemingsburg Gazette; The Bath County News-Outlook, The Robertson County News and The Menifee County News.

She has also been the Business Manager and Editor for the Big Sandy News Group for the past year.

Melissa’s husband, Darvin Mitchell, has been the Delivery Systems Manager of the KNG’s for the past decade, ensuring that the thousands of various newspapers are delivered in an accurate and timely manner to the regional post offices and distribution boxes. Darvin is also a business owner and an antique toy collector, specializing in farm toys.

The Mitchell’s have two daughters: Petrea Mitchell Allison, who has been a graphic-design-artist with the company for seven years, and Shania Mitchell, who has been a regular contributor as a writer and photographer for four years, who has also been assisting her father with delivery in the past decade.

Jeremiah Brown has been the Marketing Executive for the KNG for approximately the past nine years and has also excelled in that capacity with the BSN publications in the past year.

Brown is married to Meghan Barnett Brown, a nurse, and the couple has a nine-year-old son; Brayden Brown, and a newborn daughter: Oaklynn Brown, born Dec. 19, 2017.

Brown, like the Mitchells, has been paramount to the success of the KNG and BSN providing a variety of marketing and sales strategies for a multitude of regional businesses throughout the state and into sections of Ohio.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to help continue to serve our readers and clients, while producing high-quality publications that will ensure our readership and business sales and marketing continues to expand,” Brown said.

The three new owners praised the dedication, professionalism and team work ethic, of all the employees of KNG and BSN. They also praised former owner McGehee, who provided guidance to them in their various jobs while employees before selling the publications to the dedicated trio.

The three new owners have deep roots in the communities of northeastern Kentucky, particularly Nichols County. They are very family and community-oriented individuals who understand the values, cultures and histories, of the communities they serve.

Mitchell and her husband, Darvin, along with Jeremiah Brown and all three owners have expressed their passionate dedication to strengthening the community newspapers.

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