Thursday’s update on status of JCPA and how you can help

JCPA NEWSROOM REPORT – August 12, 2021

Thursday’s update on the importance of local journalism, the threat posed by Google and Facebook, and how you can take action to support the JCPA



  • Patrick Soon-Shiong, owner of the Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune, joined the New York Times’ Sway podcast to discuss the purchase of media outlets and how to help save local newsrooms.
    • Why It Matters: Soon-Shiong explained that the JCPA is the “only way” to bring the collective power of large outlets to negotiate against Big Tech.
    • What’s More: Soon-Shiong detailed the importance of modernizing the classic newsroom to compete with what he describes as an “engagement monopoly” from Facebook and other platforms.
  • Three Australian lifestyle publishers claim that Facebook continues to use their articles on its news service after refusing to negotiate licensing deals.
    • What’s More: A spokesperson for one of the publishers shared that the content usage occurred after a confrontation with Facebook, in which Facebook informed the publisher that they would not be receiving compensation as they would be excluded on the platform.
    • Why It Matters: The publishers are alleging that ACCC’s news media bargaining code has failed to protect their content.





  • Pennsylvania News Media Association @PNAnews – August 11, 2021 (4K Followers): Our team members & @LancasterCounty residents Jane Hungarter & @BarbHuesken count on LNP|@LancasterOnline for community news they can’t get anywhere else, news essential for their families & neighborhoods. #WeAreLocalMedia
  • Chris Helms @ChrisHelms_TDN – August 11, 2021 (27 Followers): Every city hall should have local journalists watching it. Here’s me and my @TauntonToGo colleague @DesmondBernal14 at Taunton City Hall #WeAreLocalMedia (photo credit City Councilor John McCaul) For more on the Journalism & Competition Preservation Act:…



  • Post on Social Media:
    • Retweet the #WeAreLocalMedia tweets above.
    • “The JCPA is an opportunity for us to act together in a capitalistic way, where we go and create competition and have fair reimbursement.” Listen to @DrPatSoonShiong discuss how to save news media from the exploitation of Big Tech.
  • Sign our Petition:
    • Please add your name to our petition ( to let Congress know that you want to save local news through the JCPA and encourage them to co-sponsor the bill.
    • Feel free to share the petition via your social media accounts and encourage others to sign.
  • Participate in the #WeAreLocalMedia Social Media Campaign:
    • Post photo of your staff in the newsroom or somewhere notable in your community on your social channels, using the hashtag#WeAreLocalMedia.
    • Be sure to mention the JCPA in your post and consider also tagging your members of Congress so they know the value of this important legislation.

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