Today he ‘walks’ then January 2 he starts with KPA

Corey Wall – from ‘walking’ today to joining KPA full-time on January 2

Corey Wall, who interned this summer with KPA through our own Journalism Foundation Program, will be graduating from Eastern Kentucky University today. Well, technically, he said he “walks” today and it’ll be another six to eight weeks before he actually gets his diploma.

By that time, he’ll be on staff full-time with KPA as our New Media Administrator, joining us on January 2. As I recall, he began his college career with a major in computer science but then changed to journalism. His degree will be a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. He’s worked part-time with KPA since the internship ended in late July and getting him to stay on was an opportunity we just could not pass up.

To a person, the staff is excited about Corey coming on board, not just because that’s a position we needed to fill but because he’s been very helpful to everyone on the staff and it’s been a pleasure having him around.

Corey graduated from Middle College at EKU though technically his high school diploma is from Madison Southern High.

Congratulations on ‘walking’ today Corey and welcome aboard!!

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