Town Hall pension meeting goes ‘Live’ and reaches a large audience

Monday evening, the Georgetown News Graphic sponsored a “Town Hall” meeting so that residents could hear from their state legislators about pension reform. Publisher Mike Scogin put the town hall meeting together in short time but was able to promote it and get a good audience to hear how the Governor’s Pension Reform proposal will affect them, as teachers or as state government employees.

But the News Graphic took the meeting a step further and aired it on Facebook Live. That proved to be a far-reaching decision since 28,000 people were reached plus another 9.3K views. The News Graphic’s effort received 43 shares and more than 160 comments about the program, the legislators and about pension reform. About 250 Scott Countians attended the forum held at Scott County High School.

Here is a pdf of the story by reporter Dan Adkins and then below are two links to the Facebook Live segments.

News-Graphic story on pension town hall

The ‘Live” was done through two parts and links to both parts are below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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