The City of Sadieville now has a new website that reflects the commitment of the commissioners to provide a reliable and thrifty website to the citizens and to anyone else interested in knowing more about the historic town. 

City Clerk Carol Strother is pleased the website was created by someone who is familiar with the town, she said. 

“We hired Aubrey Aynes to do the website work,” said Strother. “She has visited Sadieville many times and is familiar with our town.”

The website has been live since October, but the process of adding information to the site continues.

“We want this to be a tool residents can use if they have questions about city services,” said Strother. “There are links on the website that will make it easier for people to contact city officials and get all kinds of information.”

The new website is more cost effective than the older one, costing a quarter of the expense of the first website, she said. The website also uses a .gov server, which according to Strother is more reliable. 

“Our goal was to have a website people would like to use and that cost less, and I think we have achieved that.”

The small town of approximately 350 people has been using a Facebook account for most of its public information but Strother prefers the website for its interactive features. 

“Residents have an opportunity to get on various email lists. We can send out emails regarding upcoming city events before they need to contact us.”

The city’s site is found at