Transcription: There’s an app for that

By Jennifer Peters, News Media Alliance

Technology has made it easier than ever for reporters to connect with their sources, whether they’re across the street or halfway around the world. Contacting someone via phone or app is simple. With so many digital recording options, it takes no more than a few clicks and swipes to record a conversation with a source. The biggest problem reporters face when it comes to interviews, however, is how to deal with all the recorded content once the interview is over.

Although most reporters still take notes manually, not many people can write or type as fast as a source speaks and get a verbatim quote, so recording is a necessary step. But turning those audio files into useable text isn’t always easy. Transcription is a time-consuming and often costly part of the job. Today’s reporters need all the resources available so they can focus on breaking news and keeping their readers up to date. [Full story]

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