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Ed Henninger

Ed Henninger: My 50 Most Important Tips to Improve Your Newspaper Design

September 20 @ 11:00 am – 12:15 pm Eastern / 10:00 Central / 9:00 Pacific

75 Minutes! Save $20! (Register now for $59) When it comes to newspaper design, there’s no bigger name than Ed Henninger. In this expanded session (most sessions are 45 minutes), Ed will discuss the most important things to know about newspaper design. These tips are intended to draw more readers to your paper and, if attendance at past webinars is any indication, deliver great results. Here are some of the topics Ed will discuss:

Baseline grid, Flush left, Good text font, Centered heads, Dominant photo, Proper headline sizing, Consistent standing heads, Simple standing heads, Clean up the nameplate, Clean up ancillary type, Teasers that work, Spacing between packages, Content placement and organization, Proper use of much shots, Handling jumpheads correctly, Kerning vs. tracking, Rules between packages, Infoboxes, By-the-numbers boxes, Control color, Short paragraphs, Segmenting, A visual with every package, Maps, maps, maps, Page labels, Proper treatment of folios, Index alphabetically, Headline spacing, Headline size schedule, Pullouts, Drop caps, Choosing good display fonts, Controlling headline fonts, Bylines, Jumplines, Breakheads, Caption width, Graphics, InDesign style sheets, InDesign libraries, Modular design, Optical center, Section flags, Keyboard shortcuts, Templates, Mug shots, Obit heads and underlines, Photo credits, Column sigs, Column headlines, and much more!

Tim Smith

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Tim Smith: The Basics of Newspaper Ad Sales: What you need to know to sell advertising

September 21 @ 11:00 am – 12:15 pm Eastern / 10:00 Central / 9:00 Pacific

75 Minutes! Save $20! Many newspaper folks consider Tim Smith the best when it comes to training community newspaper ad reps and sales managers, and you’ll understand why after attending this session. It’s like a boot camp for new salespersons and veterans alike. Tim’s webinars always draw crowds, and you will know why after attending this special extended (most webinars are 45 minutes) class.

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