Use #KPA150 to record your favorite KPA memories

What are your favorite memories of KPA? All year long, you can record those to honor KPA’s first 150 years.

Simply enter #KPA150 on any social media site you use and tell us about your memories. Remember, that if you use the #KPA150 on your private/personal Facebook Page

All you have to do is post on social media as you normally would and anywhere in the post include #KPA150.

Remember though, in using a private Facebook account, for us to see your post you will need to mark that specific post as public.

But other than that it’s just posting like normal and including #KPA150 and we’ll be able to see whatever you post, including photos. Thanks to KPA’s newest board member, Melissa Mudd, for coming up with the idea to use #KPA150 for our members and friends to record their memories.

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