VOIP: First two months have shown it was a good move

I think KPA/KPS staff members will tell you we’re happy with the change from normal landline to a Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone system. Concerns that reception wasn’t good or calls are frequently dropped have been unfounded. To those callers I spoke with early on in the changeover, they said the call was clear, no static and could not tell it from a landline phone.

The financial advantage we’re just starting to realize. Since the landline billing was a month behind, we still had a substantial bill for March. The first three months were each running in the $650/$660 range. We switched to VOIP on February 26 and will be seeing monthly invoices of less than $250. And that includes a brand new phone system that came as a part of switching over.

So if you’re seeing large telephone bills each month and want to know ways of decreasing the costs, look to VOIP. I’d be glad to give you the contact information for Impact Communications that handled our landline system for several years and is the same company we used to make the switch.

There are some nice advantages to the system, one being Call Forwarding. For instance, if I don’t answer a call my extension/number by the third ring, it switches the call to ring my cell phone. Geez, can’t even hide on golf course anymore because the system will track me down wherever I am.

But seriously, I think each staff member will tell you they are satisfied with the switch and I think the Board is ecstatic about savings of $400 per month in telephone costs.

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