Wanted man’s picture on Independent’s Facebook Page leads to apprehension

Putting an escapee’s photo on the Salyersville Independent’s Facebook Page paid off quickly for the Magoffin County Sheriff’s Office.

SALYERSVILLE – Three are behind bars now after one woman allegedly tried to sell methamphetamine in a Magoffin courtroom.

Telby Fields, 24, of Mount Olive, Kentucky, was in court on Monday, July 2, for a scheduled court date in an earlier 2018 case in which she was charged with third-degree terroristic threatening. While sitting in the back waiting for the judge to appear, Fields reportedly asked at least three other people waiting in the courtroom if they would be interested in buying methamphetamine from her.

A security officer overheard the transactions and told Magoffin County Sheriff Department Detective Neil Adams.

Adams, followed Fields out of the courthouse, walking around the building to the Church Street side, and witnessed her running down the breezeway that leads to the parking lot behind the courthouse. She reportedly dove into the back of a car parked there and laid down in the back seat.

After talking to the driver, identified as Cole Gaylord, 20 years old of Aurora, Indiana, who acted nervously, Adams asked him and the male sitting in the front passenger seat to step out of the vehicle. Sheriff Carson Montgomery and Kentucky State Police Trooper Haney were standing on the passenger side of the car.

The passenger, later identified as Collin Tenhundfeld, 24 years old of Ohio, tried to run past Montgomery and Haney, but Haney stopped him by his shirt. His shirt then ripped and he was able to maneuver away from the officers, running towards the creek. According to Adams, Tenhundfeld did a 15-foot swan dive into the shallow creek, eluding police for several hours.

After going through his phone left behind, police were able to identify Tenhunfeld, as well as release pictures of him to the public, which were posted on the Salyersville Independent’s Facebook. Within less than an hour of the pictures going online, dispatch received calls of a man walking through yards in the East Maple/Back Street area of town.

Salyersville Police Department officers, along with Constable James Rudd, tracked him down on Back Street and apprehended him.

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