We know what we’re dealt as deadline passes for new House, Senate bills

Well, there can always be surprises until the gavel falls Sine Die for the 2018 session but on the surface everyone knows the hands they’ve been dealt legislatively. However, there’s always room for sneaking in a bill that didn’t get filed by adding it to a bill that did, or legislators having a wish list of what they wanted to introduce but didn’t get the chance. Instead of watching new bills now, the focus is on amendments and committee substitutes that will languish in the hands of legislators.

So until Friday, April 13, we’ll still be watching every bill to make sure there are no shenanigans.

February 27 was the last day for new House bills to be introduced and March 1 was the last day for new Senate bills. So there won’t be any more introducing of new legislation before a chamber adjourns for the day.

The 2018 Kentucky General Assembly ended with 615 bills introduced in the House, another 272 introduced in the Senate. These are not the fewest number of bills and far from the most for any one session.

For this century, the lowest introduced for a full 60-day session was 2012 when 786 bills were introduced, 566 of those in the House. This session’s 887 total is just above the 824 in 2014 and 833 in 2010.

And those numbers are far below the 1,441 (924 in the House) from 2000 and 1,365 (1,032 in the House) from 1998.

When the gavel convenes this morning’s session it will mark the 41st day of the 60-day session.



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