WE MADE IT!! $3 million in ad placement for KPA newspapers in November

Monday afternoon, Rachel brought me an updated advertising run sheet for November.

Bottom line? $3.013 million.

Tuesday afternoon, she brought another.

Bottom line? $3.014 million. To be technical, $3,014,803.28.

And the month’s still not over. So November, 2016, becomes the Kentucky Press Service’s biggest advertising month in its 57 years, right at $590,000 more than February, 2010, when the total was $2.425 million.

Going into last weekend, we were $7,800 short of $3 million. At Monday morning’s staff meeting, Teresa reported just making a $300 placement. There was another $3,000 we had anticipated since Friday and that came to fruition as well. And then a placement already on the books was increased by the client. So in one workday, we not only made up the $7,800 needed, but got $13,000 more to put $3 million in the rearview mirror.

And again, it’s now in your hands. The KPS ad staff did its job, finding $3 million for Kentucky newspapers. But it can only be completed when all of the scheduled ads are published according to the schedule. Help us make this number stick. If you have any questions about the placements scheduled for your newspaper(s), call the staff.

The $3.104 million is what we consider “Total Billed” and is after commissions are taken out for all the ad agencies involved. If we went with the true total, all things considered, it’s $3.032 million for November.

Thanks to the ad staff for making November what it is. A $3 million month!!

And thanks to all the staff for everything they do to help Kentucky newspapers.



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