We need judges! We need YOU!!!

Did you and some staff members enter the 2020 KPA Advertising and/or News contests? Then the shoe’s on the other foot now and time for you to help reciprocate.

We’re in the process of filling 30 judge positions to help judge the Nebraska Press Association advertising and news contests.

We’re reciprocating now since Nebraska judged our 2020 Ad Contest and then in late Fall, Nebraska will be helping with the 2021 KPA News contest.

If you entered the contests last Fall, then we beg you to help reciprocate that process by judging part of the Nebraska Press Association contests. It’s only fair that if you enter a contest, you help pay that back by judging another state’s contest.

Please email me at dthompson@kypress.com with the names and email addresses of staff members who will help in the process. We’ll pass those names and emails on to Nebraska Press and then their contest coordinator will be in touch with each Kentucky judge.

Thanx in advance for agreeing to help.


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