Webinars for advertising, circulation, packaging and pricing, InDesign, video strategies and interviewing

January 25, 2018 –Slimp’s Newspaperacademy.com 

Sales: First Steps to Gaining New Advertisers

11 AM ET/10 AM CT

Cost: $39 – Normally $49

Everybody needs new advertisers. Without them, we’re out of business.

Effective ad sales requires two elements: Keeping current advertisers – and Gaining new advertisers.

This is a great webinar for newer ad reps who need help landing that new advertiser – and experienced ad reps and managers looking for new ideas to land the sale.

Join us on Thursday, January 25, as Tim Smith shares his secrets to help you begin landing new customers immediately!

January 26, 2018 –Slimp’s Newspaperacademy.com 

Increasing Circulation with Minimal Expense

11 AM ET/10 AM CT

Cost: $39 – Normally $49

Join veteran circulation trainer Steve Learn as he shares methods to grow your newspaper circulation without breaking the bank. Bring your list of questions – Steve will be happy to answer them.

February 2, 2018 –Slimp’s Newspaperacademy.com 

Sales: Leveraging Digital to Support Print

11 AM ET/10 AM CT

Cost: $45

We’re excited to announce Mike Blinder is joining the Newspaper Academy with his first webinar February 2!

Mike will share real world examples, from newspapers in markets of all sizes. Learn methods of packaging and pricing your current product offerings.

February 2, 2018 –Slimp’s Newspaperacademy.com 

InDesign Master Class: Mastering Styles


Cost: $45

Who has time to learn to use advanced tools and techniques in InDesign with all these deadlines? During this special 60-minute class, Kevin will take you past the basic tools you use each day to teach you skills to improve your design and speed up your workflow. Sure, you know what libraries are – but do you know how to create and use various styles and how to make them work together to allow you to accomplish multiple tasks with the touch of a button? We’re going to cover it all in this 1-hour class.

February 15, 2018 –Slimp’s Newspaperacademy.com 

Designing Special Sections to Sell Newspapers

11 AM ET/10 AM CT

Cost: $39

Join Ed Henninger as he speaks on the topic of special sections for the first time. Learn how to design special sections that will attract readers and advertisers – and sell papers!

February 15, 2018 – Online Media Campus 

Video Strategies for Newsrooms to Grow Audience

2  PM ET/ 1 PM ET

Price: $35

Video offers your audience a front row seat to history, a chance to feel as if they are intimately connected and an opportunity to deeply understand an issue. This session will help you decide what video strategies to adopt, what technology to use and how your entire staff can contribute video stories.

February 21, 2018 –Slimp’s Newspaperacademy.com 

Getting Better Interviews: Honing Your Interview Skills


Cost: $39

We have been receiving rave reviews from folks who have attended John Hatcher’s previous webinars, and you will see why when John hosts “Getting Better Interviews: Honing Your Interview Skills.” In this session, Dr. Hatcher will cover the basics, and throw in some veteran tips to improve your interview skills immediately.

Whether you are a relative newcomer or veteran reporter, you’ll go away with solid information to make you a better reporter.

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