We’ve quadrupled the newspaper registrations for the KPA contests

But when you start with three, four times that isn’t major news.

Last week, we begged, pleaded, requested newspapers to get registered for the KPA News and KPA Advertising contests. After all, the registration part had been opened almost a month and yet only three papers had registered.

Thankfully, you responded and we sped from three to 12 newspapers in a matter of hours. Just think, if you respond like that again, we’ll have 48 newspapers registered by next week and that’s more than half of the number we expect.

So how about it? Go to  www.newspapercontest.com/kentucky

Here are the 12 registered so far. And you might note, only ONE — the Elizabethtown News Enterprise — is a daily.

Greenup Gazette • Springfield Sun • Lebanon Enterprise • Elizabethtown News Enterprise • LaRue County Herald News • Ohio County Times-News • Greater Ashland Beacon • Swift Creek Courier • Central Kentucky News Journal • The Bridge/Somerset • Manchester Enterprise • Central City Leader News •

When you do access www.newspapercontest.com/kentucky, first, READ the basic instructions and please read closely the very first line. It gives you the “Association Code” that you must enter when registering.

Second, you must register. Even if you’ve done so in previous years, you have to register for this contest. Again, read the FIRST LINE in number 1 for the “Association Code.” You will need that in registering.

Then go to the Contest Rules. You’ll need that to see what the divisions are for Weekly, Daily, Multi-Weekly and Student Publications. Your division is pre-assigned based on frequency and for Weekly and Daily Newspapers, your last circulation report. If you feel your newspaper is assigned to the wrong division, email me immediately to determine if there is a mistake in pre-assignment.

Everything else you must know about the 2021 KPA Advertising and News contests:

The Ad Contest and the circulation divisions went under major changes for the 2021 contests. The KPA Ad Division cut the number of categories from 25 to 21, and did so by combining four categories into two. The Ad Division officers also deleted the Best Furniture Ad category and Best Political Advertising category. The latter was deleted because there are no political races in Kentucky this year.

The biggest change in the circulation divisions was combining three Daily Divisions into two. Since a number of dailies switched to multi-weekly status during the pandemic, KPA is left with only 12 daily newspapers. So daily newspapers will compete in only two divisions in 2021 — Daily 1, up to 10,000 circulation and Daily 2, circulation of 10,001 and above.

Adjustments were also made in the three Weekly divisions. For 2021, Weekly 1 will be for circulation up to 2,100; Weekly 2 will be for circulation of 2,101 to 3,400; Weekly 3 will be for circulation of 3,401 and above.

The deadline to enter either or both contests will be Friday, October 15. The contest period covers all issues published between October 1, 2020, and September 30, 2021.

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