What to know about Facebook’s war on clickbait

Facebook is reducing the reach of posts with sensational headlines. The key updates:

  • Individual posts that intentionally omit or exaggerate information in their headlines will have reduced reach in the platform’s News Feed. For example, posts with headlines such as “He Put Garlic In His Shoes Before Going To Bed And What Happens Next Is Hard To Believe” (one of Facebook’s made-up examples) will be punished for leaving out key information just to titillate users.
  • The announcement is a follow-up to a change Facebook made to its algorithm in August that penalized pages for posting clickbait headlines. The difference in yesterday’s announcement is that the new tweak is more specific, targeting individual posts.
  • Facebook’s algorithm tweak in August aimed to cut off content farms and other disreputable publishers. By focusing on the level of individual posts, Facebook can punish bad headlines by so-called premium publishers. [Full story: Digiday/Ross Benes]

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