What’s on the horizon for KPA and its members? In a word, L O T S!!

This is busy season all around KPA. Not that other times aren’t but as we begin the wind down on the year, several things appear on the horizon. Here in no particular order are dates and events and other news affecting you and your newspaper:

November 4 – Deadline to register for Just the Basics: Making the Sale seminar, scheduled for November 11, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Lexington Herald-Leader. Information and registration is above in a pdf.

PULSE OF KENTUCKY Readership Survey — It’s been a few years since KPA did a statewide readership survey. Want to know how Kentuckians rate newspapers against radio and TV? Want to find what sections readers go to? Want to find out how many people have read a newspaper in the last 24 hours? The last week? Want information to take to clients and show them the strength of newspapers? To show them the percent of Kentuckians thinking about buying one of the products? Or needing their service in the near future? Want to know how many people trust government agencies to be responsible for putting public notices on government websites? (Hint, in these studies underway in other states it’s a whopping 10 percent! Yeah, one out of every 10 people trust government agencies. Can you say TRANSPARENCY?)

Best of all, this survey isn’t going to cost you a penny! And it won’t cost KPA anything! Each newspaper (publisher and ad manager) will be receiving an email from me with information about Pulse Research’s PULSE OF AMERICA nationwide online survey. And part of that nationwide survey is the PULSE OF KENTUCKY. You are being asked to run ads notifying your readers of this opportunity and you are being asked to put provided online ads on your website and social media opportunities. The ads will direct your readers to the polling website. Pulse Research will then collect and collate all the readership study information for Kentucky and make it available to KPA in mid-January. Those newspapers who mail me a copy of a tearsheet proving the ad was run, or a screen shot showing the ad on a website page, Facebook Page or other offering, will each receive a copy of the full survey results. But only those willing to promote the survey will get the results.


Getting a makeover for On Second Thought — Even you redesign your newspaper or pages once in a while so now it’s On Second Thought’s turn. What you see is what you’ve been getting for more than 220 weeks so why not freshen it up a bit? It’s been that picture at the top, a bunch of copy and a few scattered photos or other artwork for most of the 220 weeks. I’m working with the WordPress company called Our-Hometown and it’s about to finish a makeover of On Second Thought. I got the prototype yesterday, will train on the new format early in the coming week, make some tweaks and then give them the go-ahead and eventually launch the updated On Second Thought in a week or two. Maybe three. Sorry, can’t do anything about the image of the person who writes this and no I’m not going get a makeover, just On Second Thought. It might end up looking somewhat like a newspaper but on a smaller scale. I’ve been looking forward to seeing what the company comes up with (it was a special deal for those who attended the National Newspaper Association Convention back in September — free setup of an electronic publication) so I wanted to give them a shot at seeing how On Second Thought could be improved, sans changing the picture of the subject involved you understand.

November 11 – Deadline for 2017 Rate and Data Information. If you want KPS to use correct ad rates for 2017 quotes and if you want information about your newspaper in the 2017 KPA Directory to be correct, you will fill out the form now, if you haven’t already. http://www.kypress.com/rateanddatasheet/

Now here’s a list of the newspapers who HAVE completed the 2017 Rate and Data sheet. Kinda pitiful results if you ask us. Three of those completing the form so far are Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association division members. If your newspaper isn’t listed, you haven’t filled out the form so please go NOW to http://www.kypress.com/rateanddatasheet/

Albany, Clinton County News

Ashland, The Daily Independent

Burkesville, Cumberland County News

Dawson Springs, The Dawson Springs Progress

Eddyville, Herald Ledger

Flatwoods, The Greenup Beacon

Hawesville, Hancock Clarion

Hickman, The Hickman Courier

Lancaster, The Garrard Central Record

Lebanon, The Lebanon Enterprise

Lexington, Kentucky Kernel

Louisville, The Louisville Cardinal

Manchester, The Manchester Enterprise

Princeton, The Times Leader

Russell Springs, The Times Journal

Williamsburg, The Patriot

Williamstown, Grant County News

January 19-20, 2017 — It’s been two years since we’ve had a full KPA Convention what with the blizzard that visited most of the state this past January. So we’re heading to the Marriott East in Louisville, for what we hope will be an non-weather event for the 2017 KPA Winter Convention. We’ll be joined by the Kentucky High School Journalism Association, our own Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association and the Kentucky News Photographers Association for what will really be three days (KNPA will be meeting January 20-21 at the Marriott East). Mark your calendars now and be watching for a link to reserve hotel rooms. I will warn you that in 2015 when we had the convention at the Marriott East, many people didn’t take the hotel seriously on its room cutoff date and had to get sleeping rooms in hotels as far as four miles away. So when that link comes to you as an email from me, I would suggest not saying, “Oh I have plenty of time. I’ll wait for three or weeks before reserving a room.” Or you might find yourself getting a hotel room not convenient to the Marriott East.

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