When something changes at your newspaper, we need to know

Over the years, we’ve had calls concerning personnel listings in the online directory of KPA being incorrect. That’s fine. We’ll get those changed but more often than not, a change wasn’t made because we didn’t know about it.

Almost as embarrassing was a situation that came up this week, involving an advertising client who wanted to save shipping costs on inserts he had placed through KPS. The inserts are going to be placed in 45 newspapers. Of those, five newspapers had changed printing plants since last year, notified no one at KPS of any changes and the gentleman was not all too happy when he drove a couple of the insert packets halfway across the state, only to find out two of those newspapers were printing elsewhere. In fact, he could have driven 80 miles to deliver the inserts instead of close to 200. We can’t blame him for being upset and we’re embarrassed because we had no updated information from the two newspapers that they were printing at a new location.

November 12 is the deadline to submit your 2019 Rate and Data information to KPS. WE NEED CURRENT INFORMATION!! Don’t assume we know all, tell all because if we don’t have information from you, we can’t be expected to have all the right information.

Yeah, it’ll take a few minutes to fill out the form. But we are all in the communication business and we should be communicating. Us to you. You to us. You to others, as well.

If you haven’t filled out your rate and data sheet yet, go to www.kypress.com/ratesheet now and start that process. Fill out everything you can and then submit it to us electronically.

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