Where’s your vote? We’re in an election for 2021 KPA Vice President

One phrase no one heard during the recent general election was “voter apathy.” Seems everywhere you turned, in whatever state you would hear about, record numbers of voters were going to the polls. Either in early voting, absentee ballots or to the voting booth on the actual election day.

But it makes me wonder if “voter” or member apathy has hit KPA. We’re in the process of an election for the 2021 KPA Vice President. And that election leads to the individual with the most votes becomin President-Elect in 2022 and President of KPA in 2023. So the future is at stake.

A letter with the ballot on it was mailed to all publishers/GMs a few days ago. There’s a deadline of Monday, November 30 but as of today, we have maybe 30 votes cast. That’s one-fifth of the eligible members voting. All full members — those with a Periodicals Class Mailing Permit plus Online Newspapers — should have received the letter and have the opportunity to vote for one of the three individuals. They had an interview with the KPA Nominating Committee, their names were submitted to the full Board on November 5 and they have been recommended to the full members.

For the 2021 KPA Vice President, the three candidates nominated by the KPA Board, and listed in alphabetical order, are:

Dennis Brown, Lewis County Herald

Steve Gaines, Bowling Green Daily News

Glenn Gray, VP, Nolan Group Media

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