With high school tournaments just around the corner, add the Encyclopedia to your library

In need of all the facts and figures about Kentucky high school basketball? We’re in the 100th anniversary of roundball in our high schools so there’s a lot of history behind the sport. And there’s a publication — an Encyclopedia as a matter fact — that’s nearly a must for sports editors, writers and¬†aficionados across the state.

Below is a pdf that tells you all about the 768-page book and how to order one for $49.95 plus shipping costs.

The first 170 pages or so is a complete record of every high school that’s ever fielded a team and broken down by each head coach as well as the compilation of each coach’s record at that school. It also shows when a high school won a district tournament, regional tournament, played in the state tournament, and won a state tournament title.

Then later in the book is a 77-page section of the complete record of every girls high school basketball team, broken down much the same way, by individual coach and that coach’s record.

That’s quite an undertaking in itself to compile the complete records of every high school fielding a basketball team.

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