With internship completed, now it’s time to think about where career takes him

By Keith Jaco, Murray State University, Livingston Ledger, Smithland

Keith Jaco

During my time with Kentucky Publishing Newspaper Group I was able to apply myself to multiple news stories that I had previously been a stranger to. I delved into business, finance, urban development and even sports, my preferred topic to report on.

Going into the internship my experience in writing regular news stories was bleak and with that my confidence in writing these types of stories was low. I was mostly experienced in writing for sports; previews, recaps and feature stories among other things. I’m fortunate to have learned the skills I did in writing news stories and I feel as though this time spent writing during the summer has better prepared me for the world as a reporter, even in an area other than sports.

My plan at the moment following the completion of my internship is to either take a sports reporter position with the Mayfield Messenger newspaper in Mayfield, Kentucky, or to stay with KPI and continue my work in news stories and sports coverage. Before I began my internship, I thought I’d be better suited for a job using my degree, but not necessarily with a local newspaper.

I’d say that the combination of little-to-no other job opportunities and the proximity to home has made my decision to choose working at a newspaper much easier. I look forward to getting my feet wet in this industry and I can’t wait to see where my career takes me.


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