With Kentucky teams traveling to Indy, tolled bridges will be the big winner

The final score doesn’t matter to the new tolled bridges between Louisville and Southern Indiana. Whether UK or UL win or not, it’s still going to cost motorists quite a bit to cross back and forth over the Ohio River.

Northern Kentucky University fans luck out. They can take I-74 out of Cincinnati and not worry about the tolls.

But the UL and UK fans heading to Indianapolis will be paying out a few more bucks than in past years for games in Indy. And if both UK and UL win tonight (Friday), it’ll be double the pleasure for the new bridges. Both teams would then play again Sunday in Indianapolis.

Here’s a part of the Transportation Cabinet’s release informing motorists, with special emphasis on UK and UL fans, about the new tolled bridges:

Tolled bridges include the two I-65 bridges connecting Downtown Louisville and Southern Indiana, the new Abraham Lincoln Bridge and the improved John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge. The new Lewis and Clark Bridge connecting the Gene Snyder Freeway in Prospect, Ky. with State Road 265 in Utica, Ind. is also tolled.

Open a RiverLink Account to Pay Lowest Tolls

RiverLink is the name of the new tolling system. There’s no stopping, no slowing, no lines and no coin machines. Toll rates range from $2-$12, depending on the size of vehicle. Drivers with transponders pay the lowest toll rates. It costs $2 to cross a tolled bridge in a passenger vehicle with a prepaid account and transponder, and $4 to cross a tolled bridge without an account and transponder.

Find more information on RiverLink tolling, including answers to frequently-asked questions, at www.RiverLink.com.

Find more details on the Louisville – Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project at www.kyinbridges.com.



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