With roots in their communities, local newspaper owners find ways to flourish and prosper

By Sean Stroh, Editor & Publisher

As consolidation of newspapers become more commonplace, another reality begins to emerge—a decline in local ownership.

This year has been particularly hard for many longtime newspaper families, with a number of them selling to larger regional chains and corporations. In March, the Randall family announced the sale of the Frederick (Md.) News-Post to Ogden Newspapers, headquartered in West Virginia. The family had owned the paper since 1883. A few months later, the Antelope Valley Press in Palmdale, Calif. was sold to a new entity called Antelope Valley Press Inc., led by Canadian newspaper executive Steven Malkowich. In that case, the paper had been family-owned for more than 100 years. William Markham, former publisher and co-owner of the Valley Press, said in a statement that “now is the time for our family to make way for others with greater resources than ours.” And just last month, the family-owned Morris Publishing Group sold 11 of its daily and non-daily newspaper holdings to GateHouse Media. [Full story]

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