Without fanfare KPNS celebrates 8th anniversary

There’s one unique member service that KPA offers and it’s meant access for 92 newspapers to share stories published in other KPA newspapers. In fact, more than 53,000 stories have been shared, not including perhaps 7,000 editorials.

The Kentucky Press News Service was launched October 1, 2009, during a Strategic Plan period to set the future of the nation’s 10th oldest state press association.

The idea was to allow newspapers to use stories appearing in other Kentucky newspapers. At first, most used the stories on their website with a link to the originating newspaper’s website. Then newspapers started going “behind the wall,” meaning access was limited to those who had paid subscriptions. So we made the full stories available for a newpaper to have. And then newspapers began using the full stories in their printed publication.

We began with about 20 newspapers signed up to participate and it grew the first couple of years. Today, 92 newspapers are participating in KPNS, meaning their stories are shared on KPNS and they have permission to use stories from the other 91.

KPNS offers three budgets a day — an a.m. news budget, a p.m. news budget and an editorial budget. It’s “dark” on Saturdays but is available on Sunday mornings with one news budget wrapping up the weekend editions of KPA newspapers. The daily budgets make available 35 to 40 stories that have appeared in participating newspapers and the afternoon editorial budget will offer another five to six.

Here’s a blurb from the KPA website explaining KPNS and its benefits to member newspapers. As it says, for more information contact David Greer here at KPA.

The KPNS posts Kentucky news stories on www.kypressnewsservice.com Sunday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. Once a publication has signed its agreement and joined the KPNS, it’s assigned a user name and password to access the stories. Papers are free to publish stories in their own newspapers or web sites. However, if used on a web site, only links to the stories on the originating site — and not the stories themselves — are to be published online. KPNS participants can also rewrite stories into briefs for their papers, if desired, as along as they include the name of the originating publication.

Two daily news budgets are emailed to participating papers each day Monday through Friday and once on Sunday. The budgets list the stories available. However, KPNS participants are free to use content as soon as it appears on the website.

Membership in the KPNS is free to KPA members. However, participants are required to sign the KPNS agreement which permits KPA to distribute their staff-written editorial content to other KPNS members, allows other KPNS members to publish that content and also sets the required amount of libel insurance. New papers or web sites can join at any time.

For more information about the KPNS or to join, email KPNS director David Greer at dgreer@kypress.com or call him at 800-264-5721.


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