Woody and Chloe are back for another ‘ruff’ adventure

By Georgia Pace, ‘Ruff’porter for the Oldham Era

                Dog Columnist: Georgia Pace

I know what you’re thinking. Is this a column from a dog? Yes, it is. Has the Oldham Era gone to the dogs? Maybe a little. My mom is the publisher of the paper and she does love a good dog story.

To our knowledge this is the first time in the 143 years of the Era a column from a dog has been published but it is for a very special reason.

I’ve been plenty busy with my daily tasks of holding the couch down and patrolling the squirrel activity in La Grange when next thing I know I have a laptop under my paws. When I found out she wanted yours truly to help re-introduce my canine friends Woody and Chloe to Era readers though, I was more than happy to forego my squirrel surveillance to help.

If you’ve been reading the Era for awhile you might remember last fall when they published 10 chapters over 10 weeks following the adventures of the darling dachshund duo. We were all sad when the series ended but fortunately they return this week and this year’s series is almost as exciting as bacon.

Do you ever get “out of sorts?” I do when my dinner is late. Did you know that’s a newspaper term? Well my buddy Woody gets “Out of Sorts” because he hasn’t been able to read a newspaper and thus begins the story for this fall. This year’s series focuses on the newspaper industry and the Kentucky Press Association’s 150th Anniversary. Follow along as my pals Woody and Chloe realize the impact newspapers like the Era have in our hometown, state and country.

Woody, Chloe and I want to help a new generation fall in love with reading newspapers but more importantly, reading itself. That’s why the Oldham Era is proud to partner with the Oldham County Public Library for the second year in a row to bring the Woody and Chloe 10 week chapter series for children written by Leigh Ann Florence and illustrated by mom’s friend Chris Ware back to this paper.

If you’re a mom, dad, aunt, uncle or grandparent we encourage you to read the chapters each week to the children (and dogs) in your life. Teachers, we encourage you to read the chapters to your classroom. You can also find online activities to correspond with the chapters by visiting thewoodybooks.com. And, if you’re on social media, Woody even has his own Facebook page at facebook.com/WoodyKYWiener you can friend.

The Oldham Era and Oldham County Public Library hope that you’ll look forward to the weekly Woody and Chloe stories. Curl up with your dog and read the first chapter in today’s paper on page A13.

Georgia Pace is Oldham Era publisher Jane Ashley Pace’s dog. She’s a very good girl.

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